Last week, the 24×7 editorial team shared some of the most popular stories we published in 2015. New technologies, educational resources, and predictions for the future all dominated the list.

But not all the top-trafficked stories on 24×7‘s website this year were new. On this last day of the year, we look back at some of our most revisited stories in 2015, all hearkening from 2014 or earlier. In many cases, the themes are similar: salary surveys, Joint Commission proclamations, CBET study support, and technology insights.

Would these stories have made your personal cut? Which articles do you consistently return to for reference? Let us know your favorites in the comments section below.

1. 10 Change Management Keys to Effective Software Implementation

2. HTM Salary Survey 2014: A Field in Flux

3. Principles and Methods of Testing Infusion Devices

4. Revised Joint Commission Standards for Medical Equipment

5. The Basics of Passing the CBET Exam

6. The ABCs of MRI

7. Power Strip Safety and the CMS

8. Still Believers: HTM Salary Survey 2013

9. CMS Restricts Use of Power Strips in Healthcare Facilities

10. New Joint Commission Requirement for Medical Equipment

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