BMETs and CEs have enough to keep up with these days, but it seems the IT issue keeps coming up in various discussions. I received an e-mail from Paul McNamara of St Mary’s Hospital in Green Bay, Wis, who wrote about his frustration with the resistance to the whole topic that he sees in other members of the profession. What he said made sense to me and it sounded like he was taking smart steps to secure his future.

One thing he said was, “My point is just that a lot of biomeds seem to be afraid of a merger with the IT departments and think they know it will be a bad thing. I think if more biomeds opened up to the fact that it will be happening whether they like it or not, there are many opportunities for all. I have found that there is one of the best possible advantages of the integration—job security. The smart biomeds are taking on this merger as the best possibility to either advance their careers into management, or at the very least, have much higher job security. Think about it. If a biomed is asked to network two devices, it can easily be done. Ask an IT analyst to fix a ventilator and you see the look of a deer in headlights. You see, the transition is easy.”

What do you think? We look forward to your comments.


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