Health care imaging specialist Barco, Kortrijk, Belgium, announces the launch of the JAO ST-185B, the first of its new generation of JAO smart terminals for installation at the patient’s bedside.

Nov13 Barco JAO-ST


According to the company, the new generation of terminals combines ergonomics, unique software applications, and consumer-designed performance that will provide both patients and hospital staff with everything they need for an improved experience.


“With our bedside terminals, we aim to engage patients during their stay in the hospital as we believe active patients are healthier patients,” said Warren Kressinger-Dunn, VP of strategic marketing for Barco’s point-of-care division. “Our software provides patients with more tools for health education, service requests and communication with the care team. Information and interaction are key.”


The new JAO ST-185B offers real-time pop-up notifications that inform patients about their physician’s schedule and customizable message boxes for a more personalized patient experience. It features numerous entertainment options at the bedside, such as radio and TV, Internet access, games and video-on-demand. “But we also provide patients with a sense of independence by enabling them to assess the quality of care through patient surveys, select their own meals, or control the lights in the room,” Kressinger-Dunn said.


Additionally, Barco’s bedside terminals provide hospital staff with direct access to a patient’s electronic medical record and the hospital information system while safeguarding patient privacy. Entering and retrieving data at the bedside, instant messaging with patients, and remote consultations are just a few of the benefits that significantly help reduce the amount of paperwork and improve clinical workflow.


Built with anti-bacterial plastics and fully sealed to avoid the spread of contaminants, the new 18.5” bedside terminal is power-efficient, incorporating LED backlights. The unit can be tilted, rotated 170 degrees, and it comes with a multi-touch integrated touch screen. Equipped with a new motherboard designed with Intel technology, Barco’s new smart terminal supports high-performance computing and enables smooth switching between various clinical applications. The processor and advanced graphics card also support innovative triple-play solutions such as the Web, IPTV, and VoIP.