AAMI StMP, a new platform for medical device standards, has officially launched. The rollout began in late 2023, and AAMI, in collaboration with developer Edaptive Technologies, is now gearing up to enhance the platform by tackling challenges in the standards development field.

“Ironically, there is no standard workflow that is followed by standards developing organizations (SDOs) around the world, so we’re always learning to cater to the specific needs of standards developers,” said Vinay Gupta, CEO of Edaptive Technologies. “We have developed a feature-rich and customizable platform to cater to the various needs and our goal for the AAMI user groups is to consolidate these features and evolve our platform to provide nearly consistent workflow among SDOs that will further help end users (including administrators, staff, editors and members) and future data interoperability.”

AAMI StMP was developed and implemented with an eye toward the features that AAMI members desired to continue their work, improve existing workflows, and deal with issues related to international harmonization. By addressing these concerns, the new platform aims to meet the wide gamut of needs from AAMI’s 150 plus active working groups and committees and provide solid operational footing for years to come. AAMI’s wide scope of user perspectives will also be valuable to Gupta and his team, as they work to future-proof their platform design, according to Edaptive. As such, AAMI and Edaptive are offering opportunities for working groups to provide feedback throughout 2024.

Edaptive Technologies is a provider of white label standards development and subscription platforms, XML data conversion and other custom services that are focused on SDOs like AAMI. Prior to the rollout of StMP, AAMI’s committees and working groups lacked the flexibility to allow for a custom workflow at the user level. With AAMI StMP, users can continue with a familiar, older SDO workflow, while also providing XML-based features to easily transition to more modern and innovative processes.

The platform is also designed to read forms that follow the templates of major international standards bodies, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which will help AAMI pursue its mission of harmonization and cooperation with international standards development bodies.

“StMP is not just a platform, but a finely honed tool designed to optimize workflow and supercharge efficiency,” said Matt Williams, vice president of Standards at AAMI. “The entire AAMI Standards Team has been hard at work preparing for this transition and we are looking forward to this new chapter.”