In a new jointly published report, AAMI and the ECRI Institute cover five major patient-safety issues: alarm systems, Luer connectors, cybersecurity, batteries, and recalls. The report, “Executive Insights on Healthcare Technology Safety,” is described as “a first-of-its kind effort to help medical device and healthcare delivery executives identify and monitor trends related to technology safety issues.”

The eight-page report summarizes each of the major safety issues, listing key questions for each type of executive. For example, on the topic of alarm systems,  the report advises healthcare delivery executives to consider deploying a multidisciplinary team to meet the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG) on alarm safety. On the same issue, it advises medical device executives to determine how their technology is affecting overall alarm management issues in healthcare delivery.

A list of resources, many of which are free, accompanies each topic. With alarm systems, the resources include a webinar series from AAMI on compliance with the NPSG, as well as ECRI’s annual list of top health technology hazards, which includes information about alarm systems. The resources are available at, as is the free report (PDF). No registration is required to download the report.