Fluke Biomedical IDA-1SFluke Biomedical, Everett, Wash, has introduced the IDA-1S,  a portable, battery-operated tool designed for speedy verification of infusion device performance. Weighing less than three pounds, it is intended for quick and reliable one-channel measurements while on-the-go. The tool is battery powered with up to 10 hours of continuous operation.

The IDA-1S can make basic infusion device test measurements, including flow rate and volume measurements, and can also verify pressure generated in occlusions or blockages of the fluid line. Complete with on-board Hydrograph software, the IDA-1S can test a wide variety of infusion pumps. An auto-start feature simplifies syringe pump testing and other tests that have long startup times. Other features include on-board memory for instant storage of test results and an LCD touch screen.

For more information on the IDA-1S Infusion Device Analyzer, visit www.flukebiomedical.com/IDA-1S.