BC Group_ULT-2020BC Group announced that its ULT-2020 current leakage tester with the ULT-PA-19 adapter has been validated by Philips Ultrasound for use with the company’s X7-2t, S7-3t, and S8-3t compact connector TEE transducers.

The testing reportedly included checking for proper fit between Philips’ compact connector TEE transducers and BC Group’s ULT-PA-19 adapter, as well as the testing function and limits used in BC Group’s ULT-2020 leakage tester.

The updated Intersocietal Accreditation Commission Adult Echocardiography Standards for TEE testing went into effect on December 31, 2015. Section 2.2.3B of the revised standards requires the manufacturer’s guidelines to be followed concerning the proper care and cleaning of the TEE transducer. According to the standards, “Effective December 31, 2015, the structural and electrical integrity of the transducer must be checked between each use, using an ultrasound transducer leakage tester. ‘Passed’ or ‘Failed’ must be documented in the routine TEE probe cleaning/maintenance log along with action taken if ‘failed.’ “

Philips’ validation ensures that technicians using the ULT-2020 current leakage tester with the ULT-PA-19 adapter will remain in accordance with the revised standards.

For more information, visit the BC Group website.