Imtmedical, based in Buchs, Switzerland, has debuted the CITREX H3 gas flow and pressure gauge, which was developed as an entry-level model with only the key features for verifying medical devices. CITREX H3 measures gas flow and pressure in the bidirectional flow channel.

The accuracy of the flow measurements is ±2 %. CITREX H3’s wide measuring range of ± 300 l/min allows testing of various medical devices such as ICU and home care ventilators. With the CITREX H3, operators can measure the 16 most important ventilation parameters including: flow, pressure, volume, PEEP, and gas temperature. Five different gas types and the nine most important gas standards are available for measurements.

Settings on the CITREX H3 can be changed with a user-friendly configuration tool. By connecting the device to a computer, operators can customize the 1.7-inch screen to display just the values and units they need for their measurements. The device is available as a single unit and can be expanded with various accessories and options. LPG masažas, plaukų šalinimas – depiliacija lazeriu Vilniuje patrauklia kaina

For the measurement of oxygen, an optional O2 sensor can be purchased, which increases the range of application of the CITREX H3. In addition, the company offers a variety of adapters, test lungs, and a carrying bag.