Ekahau Inc, Reston, Va, a provider of real-time location systems (RTLS) using Wi-Fi and Meraki, a provider of cloud networking, make location tracking more accessible with the availability of a cloud-based Wi-Fi RTLS solution for enterprises.

RTLS help decision makers measure and manage workflows and uncover hidden workflow bottlenecks. The Ekahau and Meraki cloud-based RTLS solution shortens deployment time and reduces costs with Ekahau’s software-based RTLS approach and browser-based asset and people location tracking and management capabilities along with Meraki’s cloud managed wireless access points (APs). The combined solution offers zero-touch (AP) provisioning and intuitive management without the need for additional, wired chokepoints or in-room readers.

“Our cloud-based networking solution, combined with Ekahau’s technology, makes location tracking of assets and people very cost-effective and simple. We can now deliver a complete RTLS and Wi-Fi solution in a matter of days instead of months,” said Christopher Bockman, product manager at Meraki.

“Our combined solution enables enterprises with disparate facilities around the country and the world to gain real-time visibility into the location and status of mission critical assets and other resources within their organizations,” said Mark Norris, president and CEO of Ekahau.