Zotec Partners, of Indianapolis, has signed an exclusive revenue cycle management (RCM) agreement with Arizona-based Integrated Medical Services Inc. (IMS). IMS is a multispecialty group that has approximately 100 providers with 50 locations delivering primary care and most specialties well-represented throughout the Phoenix market.

In the new arrangement with IMS, Zotec will apply sophisticated RCM analytical support with increased data access, time-of-service collection enhancements, and patient experience methods for optimized financial performance across the group’s 50 locations.

David J. Law, executive vice president of sales and marketing with Zotec, says the company’s RCM success strategy for IMS lies in two parts. “Because patient responsibility for payment continues to increase, we first outlined the need to enhance IMS’ patient experience methods, including implementing our time of service collections module, increasing the groups access to patient data, and expanding payment options for patients,” he says. Secondly, he adds, “we’ve integrated our proprietary billing technology and unique processes across IMS’ large infrastructure to ensure that all medical encounters are paid accurately and efficiently in all locations.”

IMS was seeking ways to directly engage and understand patient behaviors in order to collect money owed during time of service and beyond, according to Mindy Smith, CEO of IMS, who states, “IMS needed time of service collections technology and enhanced payment options in order to collect more money from our self-pay patients. Zotec’s TOS portal, paired with its mobile and texting capabilities, online patient portals and auto-deduction from health savings accounts, all give our patients more options and flexibility in the billing process.”