The SmartBadge recently introduced by Atus, the Netherlands, works in conjunction with a smart phone to immediately intercept business-related messages. Worn on a lapel or clipped to a shirt pocket, the lightweight SmartBadge avoids delays associated with traditional instant messaging by allowing users to view and respond to urgent communications without unlocking a phone or opening an app. The device filters out personal messages, emitting a close-to-ear audible signal to alert the user. Customizable bleeps and LED alerts are also available for different emergency messages.

A 3D sensor and privacy setting ensure that even when the device is worn facing outward, messages will only display when the device is angled for viewing. Weighing 40 grams, the SmartBadge doubles as a digital ID badge: when no incoming messages appear, the screen can display the user’s name and photo or a company logo or QR code.

The names of incoming callers appear with an option to mute. Water- and shockproof, the SmartBadge also offers 2-button operation, hands-free message reading, high-contrast e-paper display, and visibility in direct sunlight.