Rochester, NH’s Frisbie Memorial Hospital recently installed Philips’ AlluraClarity low-dose interventional x-ray system in its cardiovascular radiology laboratory. AlluraClarity provides high-quality imaging, while its ultra low-dose levels benefit both patients and staff.

The company received FDA 510(k) clearance to market AlluraClarity’s live image guidance system in the United States in July 2013. The system’s ClarityIQ technology is available as an upgrade for most of Philips’ installed base of monoplane and biplane interventional x-ray systems.

“The transition from highly invasive surgical procedures to minimally invasive image-guided therapies, with all their intrinsic patient benefits, is a transformation in the delivery of health care that is rapidly accelerating around the globe,” says Gene Saragnese, CEO of imaging systems at Philips Healthcare. “It is an area where technology innovation and procedure innovation go hand in hand. AlluraClarity is a perfect example of how Philips’ close collaboration with clinical partners has combined these two areas of innovation to facilitate more advanced treatment while at the same time managing radiation dose.”

The direct result of the company’s multi-year development program, AlluraClarity’s low x-ray dose settings mean clinicians have the tools they need to manage their patients’ and their own exposure to x-ray radiation.

For more information about this system, visit Philips.