A new high-performance ultrasound system features a new probe technology called “Electronic 4D” that promises to provide high-resolution images with fast volume rates, according to manufacturer GE Healthcare. The curved electronic 4D ultrasound probe uses more than 8,000 piezoelectric crystals to electronically steer the ultrasound beam and provide clarity and speed.

The Voluson E10 is GE’s most advanced system, according to Barbara Del Prince, a global managing director for ultrasound products at GE Healthcare.

“In the past, you could see a flat two-dimensional image of the fetal profile,” said Del Prince. The system can emit signals and process information fast enough to view the heart in real time. “It may help doctors to make confident diagnoses sooner.”

The system also supports a new software feature called Hdlive Silhouette, which gives the images their anatomical realism. Clinicians can use it particularly in the first trimester to study internal and external organs and body parts of the fetus, such as the brain, face, hands, and feet.