Throughout the year, executives and professionals convene at numerous conferences to exchange information and debate issues. Because industry leaders recognize the power of partnerships and the benefit of bouncing ideas off of one another, transformative and rich ideas often result from the discussions and presentations held at conferences.

Executives also realize that good training and going straight to an expert when questions arise are followed by productivity and success. In today’s work environment there isn’t always time to research a problem, so turning to an expert for advice early on can eliminate wasted time, thus helping to accomplish a task more efficiently.

With that in mind, 24×7 introduces Expert Insight, a complimentary service on our Web site, this month. Four executives, all experts in their field, are available to answer your questions online. Questions and answers are posted on the Web site, benefiting all readers. Below is a short introduction to our experts.

Manny Roman, CRES, president of DITEC, a medical equipment service training and support services company, will answer your radiology questions. Roman has 26 years of experience in the design, development, implementation, and management of medical- equipment service and management training.

Consider Jenifer Brown, the national recruitment manager for ARAMARK Healthcare’s clinical technology services division, your career counselor. She has more than 17 years of experience in national recruitment, placement, and career advising of technical professionals. For the last 11 years, Brown has focused specifically on the clinical engineering arena for biomedical technicians, imaging service engineers, and CE managers.

Christopher M. Cone, LLC, BS, MBA, president of Echoserve, will be on hand to guide you in all things “ultrasound.” Echoserve is a third-party provider of diagnostic ultrasound transducers, parts, systems, and field service. Prior to founding Echoserve, Cone served as the VP of sales and marketing for Sonora Medical Systems. Cone has also held several executive sales and marketing positions with diagnostic imaging companies.

Rounding out this illustrious team of experts is Matthew Redner, service manager for Prescott’s Inc, a service-oriented company that services all major brands of surgical microscopes. Redner’s father started the company in the basement of their house 21 years ago. Exposed to the business from the beginning, Redner has been the service manager for more than 2 years.

Now that you’ve met the experts, I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity by visiting and submitting your questions. Once you experience the ease of the process, I hope you will return frequently.