Santa Clara, Calif.-based Glassbeam has inked a deal with Irvine, Calif.-based Renovo Solutions in which the latter company will resell Glassbeam’s analytics technology in the healthcare market. Together, Glassbeam and Renovo will provide a joint product for service and utilization analytics specific to ultrasound equipment. Utilizing Glassbeam’s artificial intelligence-powered machine data analytics platform, the technology predicts failures and identifies utilization inefficiencies.

“Today, healthcare providers’ clinical engineering, radiology, and service teams lack the data-driven insights to make effective capex and opex decisions. As a result, their organizations fail to maximize machine uptime and reduce operating and maintenance costs as much as possible,” says Sandy Morford, CEO of Renovo Solutions. “Partnering with Glassbeam enables Renovo additional capabilities to better leverage the analytical data generated by ultrasound modalities..”

Ultrasound machines generate large amounts of useful data that healthcare providers have failed to leverage, Glassbeam officials say. This machine log data is a disruptive force to increase uptime from the current 96%-97% range to more than 99%. Specifically, Renovo will extract insights from machine logs, and Glassbeam’s platform will apply this data to build a comprehensive set of analytics dashboards that will align with healthcare providers’ needs.

In the near future, Renovo and Glassbeam will expand this partnership to include other imaging equipment, such as CT and MRI machines.

“The combination of Renovo’s ultrasound expertise and Glassbeam’s service and utilization analytics will enable healthcare providers to address the growing need to generate predictive and prescriptive insights,” says Glassbeam CEO, Puneet Pandit. “Glassbeam will provide these insights in one single pane of glass, starting with ultrasound market and in the future assist Renovo in expanding its focus to other imaging modalities.”