Delphinus Medical Technologies Inc, Plymouth, Mich, has announced that its SoftVue automated breast ultrasound now includes color imaging based on tissue characteristics from the capture of transmission signals. The color-imaging feature received 510(k) approval from the FDA in December 2014 for diagnostic imaging purposes, and is not intended for use as a replacement for screening mammography.

According to the company, SoftVue introduces a new way of imaging the breast, capturing reflection echoes from all directions around the breast and gathering transmitted signals coming through the breast. The SoftVue system is engineered with a proprietary process of 360 electronic sequencing, enabling transducer elements to both send and receive signals.

This approach is said to measure and combine the quantitative values of sound speed and attenuation from signals passing through tissues, creating a cross-sectional color image map using an established color spectrum, signifying the least to greatest relative tissue stiffness of the full volume of breast tissue. Along with the reflection image, the color analysis can help physicians discriminate areas of concern that may require further investigation, according to the Delphinus announcement.

For more information about the SoftVue automated breast ultrasound, visit the Delphinus Medical Technologies website.