Mediso Ltd has announced that new MRI subsystems with 3 Tesla and 7 Tesla field strength magnets will be integrated into its nanoScan preclinical multimodality-imaging platforms. According to the company, this cryogen-free technology is being included as part of a strategic collaboration agreement between Mediso and RS2D, an MR imaging system developer, to create a new line of MRI subsystems. New MRI subsystems will be offered as stand-alone MRI or in combination with high-end PET modules, says Mediso, opening the way forward for PET/MRI systems with simultaneous data acquisition capability.

The Mediso announcement says that the nanoScan product line is based on shared hardware and software building blocks, and provides easy on-site upgrades to fulfill the increasing demands and requirements of long-term research. Seven systems are currently available from Mediso: stand-alone PET, SPECT, and CT, bimodal PET/CT, SPECT/CT, PET/MRI, SPECT/MRI, and triple-modal PET/SPECT/CT.

For more information about the new MRI subsystems for nanoScan imaging platforms, visit the Mediso or RS2D websites.