GE Healthcare has introduced a new in-field upgrade program for its 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging systems in most regions throughout the world. The program allows customers to upgrade a currently installed GE 1.5T LCC magnet to the company’s Signa Explorer Lift system. According to GE, the transition allows facilities to increase the volume of MRI procedures by up to 30%, while saving up to 50% in construction and equipment costs compared to purchasing a new system.

The Signa Explorer is designed to use 34% less power than previous-generation MRI systems and requires a smaller footprint for installation. The system offers a range of productivity-enhancing applications for clinicians, as well as new features that aim to improve patient comfort. SilentScan quiet technology lowers overall scan volume to reduce patient stress and anxiety, while the Mavric SL feature allows patients with metal implants to undergo MRI scans by enabling visualization of soft tissue and bone near the implant.

“In a time when healthcare systems are being challenged by reduced reimbursements and longer patient wait times, this upgrade program will enable them to add new clinical capabilities and access the increased efficiency of Signa Explorer while leveraging their current MRI investment,” says Eric Stahre, president and CEO of GE Healthcare MRI. “By extending their MRI capacity and service lines, clinicians may receive more referrals and therefore potentially generate more revenue.”

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