Olympus Medical Systems Group has announced the launch of the next-generation EU-ME2 Ultrasound Processor, which is designed to integrate endoscopic and endobronchial ultrasound (EUS/EBUS) on a single workstation. According to the company, the EU-ME2  realizes cost savings through cross-departmental functionality.

Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) combines ultrasound technology with endoscopy to better visualize the tissues of the digestive tract and adjacent anatomical structures inside the human body. With EUS, the transducer is endoscopically inserted into the body via the digestive tract, putting it closer to the area of interest to obtain higher-resolution images.

The EU-ME2 is forward and backward compatible with a wide range of Olympus EUS and EBUS scopes as well as ultrasound miniature probes. Since the processor is appropriate for gastroenterology, pulmonary, and thoracic surgery departments, Olympus says, the device offers healthcare facilities a cost-effective resource that can be shared across specialties.

Features of the new device include improved B-mode for more accurate identification of tumors and tissue properties and boundaries, high-resolution flow mode to image small vessels around the tip of the endoscope for more precise anatomical identification, and pulse wave Doppler mode to measure blood flow velocity in a specific location to help identify the target area of interest.

For more information, visit the Olympus website.