GMI has inked a deal with Siemens Healthcare to distribute the company’s ultrasound systems and related services to hospitals in certain regions of the United States. The agreement, which took effect on February 1, gives the medical device sales and service organization distribution rights to Siemens’ comprehensive line of diagnostic ultrasound equipment in hospitals’ point-of-care environments.

Tom Siffringer, GMI’s point-of-care sales manager, calls the agreement a game changer for his company. “Since our founding, GMI has been an advocate for facilities purchasing ultrasound equipment. Our agreement with Siemens Healthcare allows us to expand that advocacy to the fastest-growing segment of the ultrasound market: point-of-care imaging.”

Siemens’ ultrasound systems help clinicians address clinical and business needs in specialty areas such as pain, anesthesia, emergency medicine, and musculoskeletal imaging. The Siemens portfolio is designed to meet various imaging requirements, ranging from compact, portable systems like the wireless Acuson Freestyle ultrasound system to multidisciplinary systems.

For more information about Siemens’ ultrasound equipment available through GMI, visit the company’s website.