Barco has launched Coronis Fusion 6MP, an ergonomic monitor that reduces eyestrain among radiologists. With its 30-inch screen and wide viewing angle, Coronis Fusion 6MP enables flexible positioning of images on a single screen, thus reducing radiologists’ head and eye movements, as well as image manipulations.

The newest addition to Barco’s Coronis Fusion product line, the 6MP imaging display system is built on the latest in-plane switching technology and complies with American College of Radiology standards for luminance ratio. Along with offering 50% more calibrated light—which allows radiologists to see subtle details faster—the monitor features SpotView technology. The latter, Barco officials say, improves image clarity by enabling radiologists to focus light on abnormalities that require extra attention and double the size of the image in the focus spot.

The Fusion display system also streamlines workflow thanks to a number of built-in features. VirtualView, for instance, creates a virtual navigation head while DimView removes light emitted from surrounding displays. The Coronis Fusion is also bundled with MediCal QAWeb—a cloud-based service for automated, remote calibration—and Quality Assurance, which limits system downtime.

Each display system is equipped with a display controller that works on all major PACS applications and includes functionality-boosting technologies. This simplifies management of the entire display network and leads to reductions in operational expenditure. The Coronis Fusion display system also comes with a 40,000-hour warranty.

For more information about this system, visit Barco.