The International Skeletal Society’s autumn 2016 meeting, which takes place in Paris later this week, will feature Carestream’s medical imaging technologies. These systems include the Carestream Touch Prime Ultrasound System and the Carestream OnSight 3D Extremity System, which provides benefits to the radiologists, pathologists, and orthopedic surgeons who will be attending the meeting, as well as their patients.

The Carestream Touch Ultrasound’s advanced processor, interface, and touch-control panel provide high-quality images in an efficient manner. Sonographers can use the system’s control panel to suit their personal working preferences—and that means greater efficiency and shorter examination times for patients.

International Skeletal Society meeting attendees can also learn about the OnSight 3D Extremity System’s ability to capture high-quality 2D and 3D images right at the point of care. The system’s wide-opening door and step-in patient access allow for lower extremity exams that wouldn’t be possible with traditional CT. And the system’s smaller footprint means it can be installed in orthopedic practices. According to Carestream officials, such features lead to easier exams, reduced exposure, and minimal inconvenience for patients.

“We have drawn on more than 100 years of experience to develop these technologies, which both represent a major step forward in musculoskeletal imaging,” says Helen Titus, marketing director for x-ray and ultrasound solutions at Carestream Health. “This meeting, therefore, also provides a great opportunity for industry experts to see first-hand the benefits Carestream’s systems can offer their practices and patients.”

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