ECRI Institute has released its 2014 Top 10 Hospital C-Suite Watch List, a free reference guide intended to assist hospital executives in evaluating new technologies for possible adoption. The evidence-based document provides an impartial overview of noteworthy technologies and systems.

“This is not a list of ‘must-haves,’ but rather a ‘must think carefully about’ list,” said Diane Robertson, director of health technology assessment information service at ECRI Institute. “We don’t profess to have all the answers, but the unbiased evidence that we present about these 10 technologies and infrastructure issues will get healthcare leaders off to a steady start on their often rocky journey of acquiring new technologies or making system-wide changes in 2014 and beyond.”

This year’s list includes:

  • Computer-assisted sedation systems
  • Catheter-based renal denervation for treatment-resistant hypertension
  • Emergency departments designed just for elderly patients
  • Copper surfaces in ICUs for preventing hospital-acquired infections
  • Wearable powered exoskeleton rehabilitation for individuals with paraplegia
  • Magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound for cancer pain
  • NanoKnife system to treat cancer
  • Real-time MRI adaptive radiation therapy
  • Intelligent pills to improve medication adherence and prevent readmissions
  • Big data

“With this watch list, healthcare leaders can learn more about potential game changers and use it as guidance when devising strategic growth plans for their facilities,” said Robert Maliff, director of applied solutions at ECRI Institute. 

The document is available for download at ECRI Institute.