Siemens Healthcare has launched Sensis Vibe, an upgraded version of its hemodynamic system designed for procedural recording and documentation in interventional cardiology and electrophysiology. Streamlining procedural reporting, Sensis Vibe helps facilities record the course of a catheterization lab procedure for follow-up care and administrative processes. The hemodynamic system also integrates with Siemens’ Artis line of angiography systems.

A key feature of Sensis Vibe is FlashDoc, which includes three components to expedite data documentation. The QuickAdd component, for instance, searches the system database for matching entries as soon as the user begins typing. The result, Siemens officials say, is auto-completion that allows staff members to remain focused on the patient while completing necessary administrative tasks.

In addition, the CaseLog component provides a time-stamped overview of all hemodynamic/electrical events and other occurrences recorded or manually captured. CaseLog’s structural data lines, customized display, and filter options enable staff to adapt this overview to their preferences. And Smart SIS—the upgraded Sensis information system—helps staff automatically verify data entries and measurements, in addition to highlighting system inconsistencies.

Sensis Vibe further facilitates adoption of a hemodynamic recording system in a cardiovascular hybrid operating room (OR) with the new HemoBox signal input unit. With flexible mounting options and improved cable management, the OR-compliant HemoBox provides physicians with patient vital signs, as well as intracardiac measurements.

For more information about this technology, visit Siemens Healthcare.