Question: When I turn on the equipment, with everything connected, I can only hear the main transformer and the monitor’s initial humming sound. The equipment does not proceed from this point. The LV PS fans don’t work and no readings can be obtained on the LV PS. The green LEDs on the power control flash simultaneously. On the HV PS the green LED that indicates the power is on does not light up.

If I unplug the CN102 or CN30, the LV fans start working and I can obtain all the voltage readings on the LV PS as described in the service manual. The green LED on the HV PS turns on and the green LEDs on the power control flash, but there is no image on the monitor.

GE began replacing the entire power assembly a while ago for this very reason. I would recommend you replace the power supply tray as an assembly, as it seems that you may have more than one problem.

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