Question: We have a Voluson 730. Two items:
1) The ultrasound tech sends images to the PACS, it says 100% successful complete transmission after each study/image is sent to the PACS, yet some are missing when studies/images need to be pulled. We do not have the same problem with x-ray. PACS is IQ.
2) How can we automate the sending of the studies/images to PACS versus manually send each image each time? Thanks a million.

I am not sure why some images do not get to PACS. Are they still in the DICOM spooler?

As far as batch sending, you can create an exam and save images to “sonoview,” and then enter “sonoview” after the exam and highlight the exam and choose “send,” and then select your PACS device and it will go over as a batch. Our ultrasound support Specialist, Matt Tomory ([email protected]) is in AZ and can assist you if you wish.

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