Hope you can help with what could be wrong on our GE Voluson 730 Expert. The problem is that the buttons “harmonic” and “sonoview” are not working at all—but the licenses are accepted. We thought that the single board computer was defective so we ordered it and changed it, but it did not solve the problem. We also disconnected every board and put it back again, but it is the same thing. We also change the HDD and put the new software in again but after that, again, “harmonic” and “sonoview” are not working. Do you have any idea what to do next? Kind regards.

I believe you have one of two issues here: Either the option key is not being accepted—after you enter the key and save, is it still present after a reboot? Or, perhaps the user interface is bad and the SBC is not getting the command to activate those functions. I would run the user interface test in the service menu to verify.

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