Defibrillator Selectable Load Accessory

Unique in its ability to test defibrillators beyond 175 ohms, the impulse 7010 defibrillator selectable load accessory from Fluke Biomedical, Cleveland, can test defibrillators under a variety of patient impedance conditions, from 25 to 200 ohms. When used in conjunction with the company’s impulse 7000DP defibrillator/external pacer analyzer, the tool can support defibrillator performance under almost any circumstance. Additionally, the easy-to-use device can help facilities comply with IEC60601-2-4 and AAMI DF80 standards for impedance testing and assists biomeds in adhering to specific product-inspection procedures to ensure proper defibrillator functionality on patients with different impedances.

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Compact Infusion Device Analyzer

Pronk Technologies, Sun Valley, Calif, offers FlowTrax, a palm-sized IV pump analyzer. Designed to scale down traditionally larger infusion device testers, the FlowTrax features patent-pending bubble tracking technology, which provides fast flow-measurement speed. The occlusion mechanism provides both user-controlled occlusion testing and a variable lifelike back pressure simulation, allowing users to verify IV pump compliance to applicable standards (ANSI/AAMI ID26:2004). Features include a pressure range of -760 mmHg to 75 PSI, internal/external temperature measurement, and an electronic record storage capability provided through a USB memory stick port. The analyzer is field serviceable and completely integrated. It can be powered using either two internal AA alkaline batteries or an external DC battery.

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Anesthetic Agent Analyzer

BC Group, St Charles, Mo, introduces its new AA-2005 anesthetic agent analyzer, a digital five-agent gas analyzer designed as a service tool for testing vaporizer output concentrations. Using state-of-the-art nondispersive infrared technology, the device automatically measures all five anesthetic agents as well as N2O, CO2, and O2 up to 100%. For clarity, the device displays concentrations for both the primary and the secondary agents on a color display in colors assigned for each agent. The AA-2005 uses a rechargeable battery that provides about 1 hour of run time.

Additionally, the company offers the gases required to perform the calibration verification procedure, as well as a 2-year warranty on all parts except the O2 cell.

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Centralized Lighting Inverter

The compact UltraLITE model ELC centralized emergency lighting inverter from Controlled Power Co, Troy, Mich, features a small 22- x 11.75-inch footprint. HID and generator compatible, the lighting inverter provides uninterrupted, regulated, and continuous sinewave output for use with “normally on” lighting fixtures and exit lamps, as well as standby output for “normally off” fixtures. Providing the required 90 minutes of battery backup, the model ELC also offers an optional 4 hours of total backup time.

Available in 600 W to 2 kW single-phase sizes, the device also helps maintain critical lighting systems by providing extended brownout protection, tight voltage regulation, and power conditioning. Floor-mountable, it can be wall-secured for greater stability. A front-access design helps promote ease of operation and simplify maintenance.

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Compact Active RFID Tag

RTLS vendor Radianse, Andover, Mass, launches new active-RFID tags to help hospitals track and manage the utilization of small medical devices, such as sensors, thermometers, telemetry transmitters, and rental equipment. About the size of a watch face, the new tags weigh less than half an ounce and come with a 1-year battery. The sealed, cleanable tags can withstand the intense wear and tear of hospital settings such as the emergency department, where the tags can also be used to track patients in addition to medical devices. For patient tracking, cost per use will be 10 to 40 cents, based on reuse across a tag’s life cycle.

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Ventilator/Anesthesia Testing Devices

imtmedical, Buchs, Switzerland, manufactures and distributes several ventilator and anesthesia machine testing devices for the biomedical respiratory field, including the FlowAnalyser, which allows biomeds to bidirectionally measure flow, pressure, and volume when calibrating both ventilators and anesthesia machines. Special FlowLab PC software displays real-time curves and offers long-term trending and reporting capabilities. When combined with the company’s MultiGasAnalyser, users can measure CO2, N2O, and five additional anesthesia gases.

The company also manufactures the adjustable compliance and resistance test lung, SmartLung, as well as EasyLung, a general-purpose test lung.

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Multiparameter Vital Signs Simulator

The Rigel UNI-SiM from Rigel, Peterlee, UK, is a handheld, battery-powered combination vital signs simulator capable of undertaking six synchronised vital signs parameters tests simultaneously, including NIBP, SpO2, ECG, temperature, IBP, and respiration functionality. To help reduce uncertainties, the simulator utilizes both electronic and optical SPO2 simulation methods in a single test setup, as well as manufacturer-specific simulation curves during the NIBP simulation. The instrument features a range of custom settings, such as pediatric and adult NIBP pressures, pulse volume adjustments, heart rate, and manufacturer-specific O-curves. It can be further customized to meet specific performance test conditions. Users can store test results directly on the device and wirelessly transmit results to the company’s Elite Test n Tag battery operated printer.

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Energy Saver UPS

Eaton Corp, Raleigh, NC, introduces its new Energy Saver system technology, enabling large, three-phase uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) to operate at 99% efficiency while reducing energy consumption. As part of the company’s Energy Advantage Architecture, Energy Saver technology also helps reign in environmental impact and power costs. The system can detect changes in power conditions and switch its operation between standard, double-conversion, high alert, or storm detection modes, providing flexible, user-controlled functionality on-demand. The system is currently available as an option for the Eaton 9395 and 9390 UPSs. All existing 9390 and most 9395 units are field-upgradeable.

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