NovaRad announces that it will offer digital radiography (DR) technologies from IMIX as part of its product suites in an effort to make DR more affordable for smaller health care facilities.

NovaRad will support the following IMIX DR products:

  • The NovoRad DR system, which consists of a detector, x-ray table, console, collimator, and workstation;
  • The Slimline, a slim panel detector available in bucky-mounted and tethered versions, designed for general radiology and orthopedic imaging in space-constrained areas; and
  • The Intuition, a dual-detector DR system that incorporates motorized vertical stand and tube crane. Fully servocoupled, it allows hands-free positioning on upright exams.

“Traditionally, DR has been out of the price range for many hospitals, clinics, radiology centers, and orthopedic practices,” said Sigrid Smitt-Jeppesen, president and CEO of IMIX Americas. “With the NovaRad and IMIX partnership, even the smallest radiology department or practice can achieve the benefits of digital imaging, including improved workflow, faster patient throughput, improved physician and patient satisfaction, and better patient care.” 

The IMIX DR systems are now being offered through NovaRad in both the US and internationally.