Pittsburgh-based TeleTracking Technologies Inc previewed a range of new products that reportedly offer medical facilities with more cloud-based and community-based operational solutions. Included in the products introduced at the company’s annual client conference in October 2014, were a web portal that allows community care teams to exchange information with hospital transfer or placement personnel; a link to health system-owned outpatient clinics, imaging centers, and invasive ambulatory areas; cloud-based analytics and support service management solutions; and an RTLS automated discharge system and hand hygiene monitoring system.

Workflow Control Can Reach Beyond the Hospital

According to TeleTracking, its Community Access Portal application allows hospital transfer centers to communicate online with primary care physicians, nursing homes, and specialty physicians in their service areas. It also allows outside physicians to use the portal to make patient admission and bed requests, potentially reducing wait times. The company says a future capability of the portal will allow referring physicians to track treatment milestones for those patients.

Teletracking also released new configurations in its Orchestrate application that will reportedly allow external and ancillary treatment centers and clinics to improve throughput, real-time visibility, and the patient experience, while sharing milestones with central logistics centers.

New Cloud-Based Operational Solutions

A new business analytics solution from Teletracking places historic and current operational performance data on a single dashboard, which is accessible to authorized users from any location via the cloud. This is said to provide instant analysis snapshots of performance metrics used to measure improvement.

Other product news from TeleTracking included an update of its ServiceTracking application to a cloud-based, centralized request and tracking system for a range of common functions. Also released were the preliminary results of the company’s high-tech, hand hygiene monitoring system.

More details about the company’s capacity management solutions, new product releases, and updates may be found on the TeleTracking Technologies Inc website.