Jan8Drawercab.hospitals ListaThe modular drawer storage cabinets from Lista International Corp can provide 50% more storage capacity than conventional shelving.

When paired with stainless steel covers, the versatile solutions can create a space-efficient workspace that also provides clean, safe, and organized storage of hospital supplies and equipment—such as in hospital operating rooms and sterile instrument processing departments. Lista’s modular drawer storage cabinets protect supplies from dirt and other contaminants and the cabinet design allows for storage of a variety of different sized and shaped items.

Lista cabinet drawers feature either a 440 lb. or 165 lb. load capacity each (depending on drawer size) and come in six different full sidewall heights for maximum cubic storage capacity. pin up They feature 100% full extension, making the drawers’ complete contents easily accessible; drawer handles that are flush with the face of the cabinet housing, so there are no projecting parts to snag clothing; and its drawer dividers have angled tops that can accommodate labels and most bar codes for the accurate identification of compartment contents. Its PrevenTip one-drawer-at-a-time safety system prevents accidental cabinet tipping.