Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc announces its 1,000th worldwide Vantage MR system install at Kosair Children’s Medical Center – Brownsboro, in suburban Louisville, Ky.

As one of the only pediatric outpatient centers in the Kentucky area, Kosair will use the Toshiba Vantage Atlas MR for general radiology imaging, including both cardiac and neuro imaging, for its pediatric population.

The Vantage Atlas MR offers features, including noise-reducing Pianissimo technology; a strong, fast magnet to provide high image quality; and an integrated coil system to eliminate the need to reposition patients during exams.

Additionally, Toshiba engineers are aligned with the hospital’s pediatric radiologists to develop specific imaging protocols and additional imaging coils designed just for use with children.

“We selected the Vantage Atlas because it offers a quiet, quick and safe exam, which is what’s needed in a pediatric setting,” said Jeff Foster, MD, Kosair’s director of radiology.