ViewRay, Inc. announced that the company’s MRIdian® Linac has been selected for installation at Rigshospitalet and Herlev Hospitals in Denmark, as part of a competitive bid and comprehensive technology review. As part of the tender award the regional health system will initially purchase two MRIdian Linac systems.

MRIdian enables a fundamental change from conventional radiotherapy by using diagnostic-quality MR imaging and enabling daily on-table treatment plan adaptation. MRIdian also uniquely allows for continuous MR imaging to automatically control beam delivery to account for subtle anatomical changes that may occur during treatment. Combined, these advancements allow clinicians to tailor the dose more closely to the targeted tumor, potentially mitigating incidental radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue and organs.

“Radiation oncology departments are recognizing the value of MR-guidance and its ability to improve the way treatment is visualized, planned and delivered,” says Chris Raanes, president and CEO of ViewRay. “This purchase illustrates the shift that’s taking place in image-guided radiation therapy and its impact on clinical practice.”

The purchase of two MRIdian Linac systems for Rigshospitalet and Herlev Hospitals was part of a collaborative bid with Varian Medical Systems, under which additional Varian treatment machines were also purchased.