Canon Medical Systems and Rochester, Minn.-based Resoundant, Inc. have inked a licensing agreement for the purpose of incorporating the advanced MR Elastography (MRE), developed by Resoundant, on the Canon MRI platforms. Canon Medical and Resoundant have been working closely together to integrate the latest MRE technology on Canon’s newest line of MRI scanners.

“We are excited to continue expanding our applications of body MR imaging by adding this technology that Resoundant has worked so well at establishing and improving. Resoundant is the pioneer in MRE and we are enthusiastic about the possibilities this relationship will bring to our customers,” says Akira Adachi, general manager, MRI systems divisionat Canon Medical.

“We’re thrilled to see MRE become available on Canon’s world-class MRI systems,” adds Richard Ehman, MD, professor of radiology and the Blanche R. & Richard J. Erlanger Professor of Medical Research at Mayo Clinic and CEO of Resoundant. “One of our highest priorities is ensuring access to MRE anywhere in the world. Partnering with Canon helps us do that, as their footprint continues to expand rapidly.”