Varian PaxScan 3024MVarian Medical Systems, Palo Alto, Calif, recently showcased its direct-capture PaxScan 3024M mammography detector at several industry conferences.

Designed for full-field digital mammography, the PaxScan 3024M flat panel detector has a compact design with a narrow edge. Rapid image-acquisition capabilities enable capture of images close to the chest wall, producing results within seconds. The 3024M architecture is based on an amorphous silicon design, allowing rapid frame rates for advanced mammography applications.

Varian’s amorphous silicon flat-panel detectors are capable of both fluoroscopic and radioscopic digital imaging, and they work for digital radiography by converting the x-rays that strike its surface into light, and then turning the light into electronic data that a computer can display as a high-quality digital image. The 3024M is suitable for emerging markets, where its environmental stability makes it an attractive option over existing technologies.

For more information about the PaxScan 3024M flat panel detector, visit the Varian Medical Systems website.