Stratford, Conn.-based Kubtec will be showcasing new image analytics capabilities on its advanced tomosynthesis specimen imaging systems for breast cancer at the Radiological Society of North America conference in Chicago.

The company uses proprietary 3D tomosynthesis, which creates images in 1mm digital slices to give radiologists, surgeons, and pathologists an improved view of the anatomy of surgical specimens. This enables them to reduce the incidence of positive margins that often lead to repeat surgeries.

Kubtec’s new image analytics technology automatically highlights microcalcifications and other inclusions in the specimen, and identifies and displays their exact location within the specimen. Remote voice control enables medical staff to operate the instruments without breaking scrub.

“Kubtec is focused on bringing augmented intelligence to the intraoperative imaging space,” says CEO Vikram Butani. “We are extending tomosynthesis technology across more specimen imaging platforms. In parallel, our patent pending artificial intelligence program leverages this capability; it provides additional functionality that reduces errors and oversights, reduces surgical procedure times, and enables improvements in patient outcomes.”

“Overall, our goal is to improve the lives of cancer patients and the professionals who provide their care,” Butani adds. “Patients can feel better knowing everything is being done to ensure their quality of life post-surgery, and healthcare professionals can complete caseloads with the confidence that they have removed all of the tumor the first time.”