Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas Inc., Wayne, NJ,  has introduced AeroRemote Insights, a new web-based tool designed to provide imaging departments with more insights about their Konica Minolta digital radiography (DR) assets.  The company will be demonstrating AeroRemote Insights at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in booth #1919.

AeroRemote Insights is designed to provide vital information about productivity, user performance, and AeroDR system health at a glance. Data analytics are available from any computer or mobile device and will enable departments to improve workflow, accuracy, and uptime.

“Representing a new era of proactive monitoring solutions and a great addition to the AeroRemote service, AeroRemote Insights delivers valuable, interactive, and actionable data,” says Steven Eisner, senior product manager at Konica Minolta Healthcare. “Managers can remotely evaluate productivity by technologist or exam room, identify areas for improvement such as exam repeat rates, and ensure optimal calibration and performance of their AeroDR systems.”

As part of Konica Minolta’s premium Blue Moon plans or as a standalone subscription, AeroRemote Insights will be available for most Konica Minolta AeroDR systems in early 2018.