I have GE Voluson 730 expert BT 03 ultrasound unit. At this time it does not show up on the USB icon, DVD write icon, so that I cannot backup data and burn a disc. That USB and DVD writers are OK when tested by the other computer. The print color machine with a USB port still works properly. Can you help me solve this problem? Best regards!

It seems that the system is not “seeing” the drives. There may be a driver issue involved. I am not sure if you are trying to backup patient data through Sonoview or backup system configuration data through the service menu, but either should display the drives connected to the SBC (single board computer).

The first step would be performing a software reload (I would perform a partial load to preserve user data) to see if the drives are reinstalled. Consult the service manual for the procedure, as it is too involved to discuss in this forum.

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