We have several IE-33 ultrasound units and I was wondering if there is a way to install a new video PCB [printed circuit board] with drivers. As you are aware the manufacturer charges an unfair amount for this $100 part? There are a variety of PCBs that would work, providing I could put the driver in with it. Thanks.

There are several issues involved with installing a nonOEM part. The driver issue you identified is one. You must access Windows to install additional drivers in the system. The second issue is that the part may not be OEM-spec and have unpredictable results.

There are sources for the video card that are priced well below the OEM but still deliver the correct part without the need for drivers and potential issues regarding performance, reliability, and liability.

This forum is informational and company promotions are avoided, however these parts are available with Conquest Imaging. There are two different boards so you must identify which one you have.

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