Canon Medical Systems Corp. and Olympus Corp. have announced a collaboration to enhance endoscopic ultrasound systems (EUS). Canon Medical will develop diagnostic ultrasound systems for EUS, while Olympus will handle sales and marketing.

The main goal of this partnership is to improve image diagnoses by integrating Canon Medical’s Aplio i800 diagnostic ultrasound system with Olympus’ Ultrasound Endoscope. By pooling their expertise and resources, Canon Medical and Olympus aim to advance EUS technology and diagnostic performance, starting with Japan and Europe as part of their global expansion strategy.

Canon Medical has a long history in diagnostic ultrasound system development and is recognized for its advanced image quality and proprietary technologies. Olympus is known for its expertise in early disease detection and minimally invasive treatment, and they have a strong global presence. Both companies aim to improve image quality and diagnostics in EUS for the benefit of patients through this collaboration.

“We are dedicated to promoting healthcare with diagnostic imaging at its core,” says Toshio Takiguchi, Canon’s president and CEO. “Our history and unique technologies have enabled early disease detection in collaboration with healthcare providers worldwide. We are excited to partner with Olympus to deliver superior solutions in the EUS field.”

Frank Drewalowski, executive officer and head of Olympus’ endoscopic solutions division, also spoke out about the partnership, commenting: “Olympus is committed to enhancing patients’ quality of life through early diagnosis with endoscopic ultrasound systems. We are delighted to collaborate with Canon Medical, known for its advanced ultrasound imaging technology, to address the needs of patients, healthcare professionals, and the broader medical industry.”