Hitachi Medical Systems America has developed a service and support program for its Scenaria SE 64/128 CT system, available as a 64- or 128-slice model. Under Hitachi’s All-Inclusive Service and Support Program, the company provides the CT scanner with 5 years of comprehensive support.

In addition to lowering total 5-year costs, the program includes key support elements for buyers such as online diagnostics and uptime guarantee. X-ray tube replacement, on-site applications training visits, and site accreditation support are other benefits covered in the service plan.

“One of today’s greatest healthcare needs is achieving the best value without compromising on product or support quality,” says Sheldon Schaffer, vice president and general manager of the company’s MR/CT program. Hitachi’s Scenaria CT All-Inclusive program addresses this problem, he says, by lowering both costs and risks.

Hitachi’s CT marketing director Mark Silverman concurs, saying that products—even those purchased at a “bargain” price—often incur additional costs after the sale is finalized. “Imaging equipment purchasing can suffer from a similar dilemma where support costs mushroom over time and unplanned cost surprises occur,” he adds. “With Hitachi’s All-Inclusive program, your value purchase decision is best protected.”

For more information about this service, visit Hitachi Medical Systems America.