Konica Minolta has unveiled a new version of its Sonimage HS1 ultrasound system, which comes equipped with new features for the point-of-care cardiac ultrasound market. Offering the functionality of a full-sized ultrasound system in a compact size, the handheld Sonimage HS1 is designed for scanning patients at the bedside and in the exam room.

The upgraded system now features tissue Doppler imaging, the anatomical M-mode technique, a cardiac reporting package, and a sector probe to enable cardiac imaging capabilities. Additional enhancements include Konica Minolta’s Simple Clear Flow technology, which detects low-flow velocities in superficial and deeper structures, and the broadband frequency L18-4 linear probe with advanced harmonics. The latter offering enables improved resolution in deep structures, Konica Minolta officials say.

Joan Toth, Konica Minolta’s senior product marketing manager for the Americas, says the new version of Sonimage HS1 benefits imaging facilities in a number of ways. “With the release of version 3.0, Konica Minolta is strengthening the capabilities of the Sonimage HS1 as a shared-service system, providing facilities with enhanced economic value,” she adds.

The Sonimage HS1 combines digital signal processing with broadband transducer technology to enable high-quality images in a handheld system. Smart technology and a touchscreen design further streamline workflow while gesture controls and exam presets prevent clinicians from having to navigate a knob-cluttered keyboard.

For more information about this system, visit Konica Minolta.