Fujifilm Healthcare Americas Corp. announces that it has obtained U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for its EG-740UT linear endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) scope, which is compatible with the Fujifilm Arietta 850 ultrasound processor. The Arietta 850 is an ultrasound processor for EUS procedures that became part of the Fujifilm product portfolio in March 2021 upon completion of the Hitachi business transfer.

As part of Fujifilm’s 700 Series portfolio, the EG-740UT is the company’s EUS scope designed for both diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic ultrasound procedures in the upper digestive tract (esophagus, stomach, and duodenum). Coupled with the Arietta 850 ultrasound processor, Fujifilm offers a suite of EUS solutions suitable for the complex clinical needs of large academic medical centers in addition to ambulatory surgical centers and community hospitals.

“The introduction of the EG-740UT and its compatibility with the Arietta 850 is truly the next step in advancing therapeutic EUS for our customers,” says Taisuke Fujita, general manager of endoscopy at Fujifilm. “This all-Fujifilm solution delivers high-end, all-around clinical performance, and we’re proud to bring therapeutic endoscopists this vital technology to manage the patient care pathway from diagnosis to treatment across care settings.”


The Arietta 850 ultrasound processor for EUS procedure is equipped with Fujifilm’s ultrasonic transmission and reception technology “eFocusing” and image processing technology “Carving Imaging” making it possible to render clear ultrasound images for visualization and tissue acquisition in the target organ.  

In addition, the Arietta 850 is equipped with various diagnostic applications such as “Real-time Tissue Elastography (RTE),” which uses color to express variations in tissue elasticity, and “Shear Wave Measurement,” four of which can quantitatively evaluate the elasticity of the tissue.

These additional diagnostic tools provide physicians the ability to locate, target, and obtain accurate and precise tissue samples from the intended organ, enabling them to streamline care and shape treatment plans.  

“We evaluated Fujifilm’s Arietta 850 ultrasound processor with their linear and radial EUS scopes at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and immediately appreciated the image quality and scope performance enabled by this combination of cutting-edge technologies,” says Christopher Thompson, MD, director of endoscopy, co-director, Center for Weight Management and Wellness, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, professor of medicine, Harvard Medical School. “Fujifilm is truly innovating in the EUS space, and we’re excited to bring these technologies into our daily practice.” 

THE EG-740UT  

The EG-740UT features a high-performance transducer which adjusts piezoelectric direction and enables high ultrasonic conversion efficiency—allowing the ultrasound to pick up small signals from the target tissue. 

The scope’s distal end has been reconfigured with changes made to the positioning of the camera lens, transducer and instrument channel outlet which result in increased visibility of treatment devices. The scope is also equipped with Fujifilm’s “G-LOCK” mechanism, which can fixate the guidewire during intra procedural instrument exchange, which may reduce the complexity and duration of instrument exchanges.

The EG-740UT enables the performance of a greater variety of therapeutic techniques—including double guidewire techniques—as its larger 4.0mm working channel decreases the resistance for larger caliber stents designed for endoscopic ultrasound-guided transluminal drainage.

In addition, the scope is equipped with the features and benefits of Fujifilm’s 700 Series portfolio, including the company’s one-step connector—which eliminates the need to attach a separate video connector—and compatibility with advanced visualization modes including Blue Light Imaging and Linked Color Imaging. Together these features help to streamline procedures and reduce the need to exchange for a second, diagnostic scope mid-procedure, allowing for one scope—the EG-740UT—to be used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Featured image: Arietta 850. Photo: Fujifilm