Mevion Medical Systems, a provider of compact proton therapy systems for use in radiation treatment for cancer patients, introduced a new product, the MEVION S250-FIT Proton Therapy System.

Enabled by a small self-shielded proton accelerator from Mevion, the MEVION S250-FIT will be the first and only full proton therapy system that can fit in an existing LINAC vault. The system will feature industry-leading HYPERSCAN Pencil Beam Scanning for Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT), dual-energy large bore diagnostic CT at treatment position for IGRT and adaptive therapy, and FLASH research capabilities. It is also designed to support fast access to emerging technologies like ARC therapy.

“The MEVION S250-FIT is a true quantum leap for proton accessibility. Fitting high-quality proton therapy inside a LINAC vault has always been a major goal in bringing the cost of proton closer to conventional X-ray, and as such, providing more access to this important therapy,” says Jay Loeffler, MD, Chair Emeritus of Mass General Hospital and Co-Chair of Mevion’s Clinical and Technical Advisory Board.

The FIT system will be developed in partnership with Leo Cancer Care, a medical device company based in Middleton, Wisconsin, with offices in Europe and North America. Leo Cancer Care is focused on bringing a “more human” approach to delivering radiation therapy and utilizes upright positioning to improve patient experience, clinical effectiveness, and access to radiotherapy.

“I have seen the clinical benefits of proton therapy for the past 20 years, especially for pediatric patients, and the idea that proton therapy could be accessible to all pediatric patients has always been my dream. I am so excited to hear of this innovation. This product could be a game changer,” says Nancy Tarbell, MD, a world-renowned pediatric radiation oncologist, and CC Wang Professor emerita at Harvard Medical School and Mass General Hospital.

Mevion will officially debut the MEVION S250-FIT System at ASTRO’s Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX.

*The MEVION S250-FIT System, FLASH therapy, online adaptive therapy, and ARC therapy are not yet available for clinical use.