Konica Minolta Medical Imaging has announced that its AeroDR panels were selected by Lutheran Health Network, an integrated health delivery network (IDN) in northeastern Indiana and northwestern Ohio, to replace CR equipment as part of a large capital lease renewal.

According to Konica Minolta, the health network’s purchase includes 23 AeroDR panels. The panel models include the AeroDR XE for extreme environments, such as the ER and critical care units; the AeroDR HQ (14”x17”, 17”x17”, and 10”x12”) for general radiology; and three Nano CR Regius model 110 units at four of the IDN’s six hospitals. The company reports that its reseller, RPS Imaging, was an integral partner in helping to secure the deal. Representatives of Lutheran Health Network say that at several hospitals, the technologists prefer the ease of use of the AeroDR, while the radiology directors have been impressed by the image quality and versatility for both in-room and portable systems.

The AeroDR family of DR panels is designed to maximize clinical efficiency by minimizing the effects of wear and tear that come with alternative wireless flat panels. The lightweight, hardened, IPX6-rated, liquid resistant enclosure on the DR panels is said to allow radiologists to help optimize patient outcomes, productivity, and return on investment in and out of radiology rooms.

For more information about the AeroDR technology, visit the Konica Minolta Medical Imaging website.