An LED diagnostic review display has been cleared for marketing in the United States by the FDA. Manufactured by NEC Display Solutions, the MD302C4  features an IPS panel that provides precise color reproduction and wide viewing angles.

The 4-megapixel, 30-inch monitor includes out-of-the-box calibration to the DICOM grayscale display function for luminance. An integrated, three-c0lor front sensor constantly monitors and adjusts brightness to maintain the factory DICOM GSDF calibration. The display’s 14-bit lookup table provides 1,024 levels of gray out of a palette of 4,096, when using a 10-bit DisplayPort or HDMI connection.

The monitor also includes a human-presence sensor that can automatically dim the screen to conserve power and display life, as well as a QA function for checking DICOM conformance without a computer. The stand has four-way ergonomic functionality, including height-adjust, swivel, tilt and pivot.

For more information, visit the NEC Display website.