Promising to deliver three times the imaging information, the bk3000 ultrasound system from Analogic provides ultrahigh-resolution imaging and Doppler, accelerated system control, and advanced transducer technology with Twin Cam pinless ZIF (zero insertion force) connectors, thanks to the company’s new TriCore architecture.

The system is based on graphic processing units significantly more powerful and efficient than conventional CPU-based architectures, according to the company. As a result, the ultrasound platform has an accelerated beam forming and computing pipeline for quick, confident assessments of anatomy and physiology during exams.

The bk3000 will be the basis of Analogic’s next-generation family of systems targeting existing, new guidance and general imaging markets.

“The proprietary and conceptual breakthroughs resulted in a new way to form images that ultimately offers three times the information in each ultrasound image compared with conventional systems” said Jim Green, president and CEO of Analogic. “This is especially beneficial for high-resolution, deep imaging on large patients, where visualization of tissue contrast and organs within the abdomen is extremely challenging.”