Agfa HealthCare has signed an agreement with the Rush University Medical Center to supply three DX-D 600 and one DX-D 300 direct radiography systems over the coming year.

According to the announcement, Rush University Medical Center chose the company for its full leg/full spine (FLFS) imaging capabilities with EasyStitch technology, and its customer-focused approach. The hospital will implement both the DX-D 600 and DX-D 300, which are said to combine user-friendly design with good image quality and dose efficiency in a high-productivity direct digital x-ray room. The DX-D 600 has fully-motorized autopositioning technology, making it suitable for facilities with a high patient load that need to streamline workflow to increase patient comfort.

The DX-D 300 has a motorized U-arm, small size, and floor-mounting to make it easy and cost-effective to install in limited spaces. It can reportedly handle a broad range of x-ray studies, including supine lateral examinations, which makes it well-suited for use with patients in all positions.

Both systems come with Agfa HealthCare’s Musica image processing, which is said to improve workflow because there is little or no need for manual postprocessing for technologists or physicians. The cesium iodide detector technology combined with Musica processing also means potential dose reduction of up to 60% for patients.

By reducing patient waiting times, allowing a potential dose reduction, and increasing diagnostic confidence, the DX-D 600 and DX-D 300 systems are designed to enhance patient comfort and performance in the radiology department.

For more information about the ceiling-suspended DX-D 600 and the floor-mounted DX-D 300, visit the Agfa HealthCare website.