Philips Healthcare announces the 100th Brilliance iCT 256-slice system install at Fletcher Allen Health Care, University of Vermont College of Medicine in Burlington, Vt. To date, tens of thousands of patients worldwide have been scanned with the Brilliance iCT.

The ultra high-res CT scanner operates quickly, taking comprehensive images in seconds, reducing the amount of time patients are exposed to radiation. The Brilliance iCT platform also features Philips Essence and intelligent Technologies, which can provide detailed and clear 3D images of an entire organ, including the heart and brain.

"Total scan times for the most demanding examinations are only seconds long says George Ebert, MD, PhD, director of Computed Tomography at Fletcher Allen. "We see image quality benefits in complex procedures like brain perfusion and neuro CTA as well as routine body imaging, bariatric and CVCT.”

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