Mevion Medical Systems and Fla.-based UF Health Cancer Center-Orlando Health announced the first patient treatment on a Mevion S250 proton therapy system in conjunction with Airo, a mobile, diagnostic CT scanner. The advanced 3D CT-based localization integrates with the Verity Patient Positioning System—a component of the Mevion S250 Series—and is based on high-precision stereotactic localization and tracking technology.

The Mevion S250 is the first compact proton therapy system to integrate an in-room CT scanner for high-precision positioning and adaptive treatment, enhancing Orlando Health’s leadership in image-guided radiation therapy. Further, CT imaging provides advanced, high-resolution images that can be used for both positioning and adaptive treatment.

“The stereotactic integration of in-room diagnostic CT scanning for high-precision positioning and adaptive proton therapy represents the most advanced IGRT in a compact proton therapy system,” says Joseph K. Jachinowski, president and CEO of Mevion Medical Systems. “Combining the diagnostic image quality of the Airo’s CT imaging with the precision of the Mevion S250 Series advances our mission of delivering transformative proton therapy.”

Orlando Health treated its first patient using a Mevion S250 in April 2016, and in less than four months was treating more than 20 patients per day. In fact, the Mevion S250 Series’ fast ramp-up time, high throughput rate, and capability to treat a wide variety of tumors, are increasing its utilization at National Cancer Institute-Designated Cancer Centers throughout the nation.

“Proton therapy is the most advanced treatment in radiation therapy and has allowed us to significantly reduce harmful radiation to healthy tissue, which is especially important for cancers near sensitive, hard-to-reach locations, both in children and adults,” says Naren R. Ramakrishna, MD, PhD, director of neurologic and pediatric radiation oncology at Orlando Health. “[Plus] in-room diagnostic CT imaging for positioning and treatment adaptation allows us to provide the most accurate treatment localization with protons.”

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